Scooter the Camel


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The first in a series of children’s books for ages 3 – 5 which is written in a fun way but also will teach children about camels and their desert habitat.This book is a humorous story about Scooter who is a Dromedary camel and who likes adventure. It is the school holidays and Scooter and his friends are bored so they go to his Poppy and ask him to give them some suggestions for some fun and to keep them busy.Poppy never dreamed that they would come up with something so exciting and in the end, not only the whole family gets involved but the whole village.This is a really fun series of books that young children can listen to. Not only that there are lots of funny pictures too!The author has researched facts about camels and interspersed these throughout the book.WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS BOOK?To teach your little ones about camels and the desert.


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